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About ME


  I am a true hair professional, starting my hair career soon found myself to be a top stylist and also an instructor for hair coloring at Scott's College of Cosmetology.  My innate sense of patriotism led me to join the United States Air Force to serve my country-where even there- was able to do hair!








While deployed in the middle east, in addition to my challenging military duties, I set up a hair tent on the base and helped soldiers remember their humanity and feel good about themselves as they were facing incredible stress. The discipline of being in the USAF coupled with my sense of style makes me a unique talent. After the military I was able to brush up on the very latest trends when I was asked to join the amazing hair team at the world famous Beverly Hilton hotel, home of many awards show including the Golden Globes, where I cut and styled an impressive list of celebrities, politicians, and other movers and shakers in the industry.


I believe that a hair stylist must always be growing and challenged and is happy to found a home at Select Salon where I use my ASK Expert, Schwarzkopf Professional knowledge to create HAIR FABULOUS.

Also use my knowledge to be an Scwarzkopf Professional ASK Expert Educator to spread the LOVE of using the product line.


To bring HAIR FABULOUS to the world!

My Vision

My Story


I have been sharing my "Hair Fabulous" since I was doing my sister's hair in the 80's at a young age.  I have an amazing 34 years of hair experience and over 4000 hrs of training in women and men's hair coloring, haircuts,& styles from blow outs to updos and now extensions.

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